Internships & Experiential Learning

The Career Center provides numerous opportunities for students to build career-related skills and connect with employers through events and experiential learning activities. Students benefit from faculty support and encouragement to pursue new hands-on experiences that align with their future career goals.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is the process of learning “by doing” and reflecting back on experiences to increase knowledge and skills. Experiential learning can be instrumental in preparing students for entry into the workforce. Through interactive experiences, students become more familiar with their career field, expand their professional network, build their resume, increase their marketability to employers, and so much more!

As a student, you may be curious about all the different ways you can gain hands-on and relevant professional experience before you graduate.



Where do I start?

1. Identify what type of experience you would like to pursue and create a Search Plan. Here are a couple places to start:

2. Begin your Application Preparation. Update your resume and cover letter and tailor to each opportunity. Schedule an appointment with the Career Center and receive some feedback! Click HERE and select your Career Counselor or Internship Coordinator and set up an appointment.

3. Prepare for your Interview. Review the position description and prepare anecdotes that relate to skills and experience the position calls for. Practice! Practice Practice! Schedule an appointment with the Career Center and complete a Mock Interview prior to your Interview.

4. Accept your Opportunity! Consider what it important to you in an internship/experiential learning opportunity and select the best opportunity that will assist you in achieving your career goals. Remember, you want a QUALITY experience, so research the company ahead of time and confirm that your goals align with the mission of the company.

5. Be a Rock Star Intern! Treat the experience like a professional job and WOW your employer! Be professional, set goals, excel in work projects, network and establish professional contacts, and show interest in the company. Remember, an internship opportunity can lead to a full time job!

6. Reflect on your Experience and Add it to your Resume. During your experience keep track of the activities you completed and insert into your resume using action verbs that describe your accomplishments. You will increase your marketability to employers by displaying your real-world experience on your resume.

Get Connected

The Career Center offers many workshops that you can attend to assist in preparing you for and landing an experiential learning opportunity. Workshops are open to all students and alumni and can also be hosted by student organizations. If your student organization would like to request a workshop from the University Career Center click HERE , and we would be happy to assist you in your professional development endeavors.

The Career Center also provides individualized assistance in identifying experiential learning opportunities, professional development, and transforming educational and work experiences to achieve career goals. To set up a time to meet with Rachael Fletcher, our Experiential Learning Coordinator, visit Handshake and schedule your appointment today!