Participating in education abroad, whether for the year, the semester, or just several weeks, can provide critical skills for any career, including language learning, adaptability, independence, and cultural knowledge, which are highly valued by employers and graduate schools. Global experiences offer students a unique opportunity to learn about other societies within the security of a host family or academic group and a host institution that is carefully chosen to allow the transfer of credit to a student’s degree program and can also be included on the student’s experiential transcript. It also prepares students to live and work in a global society. Additional information can be found on the UTSA  Education Abroad Services website. 

Looking for a Summer Internship or Job while abroad? 

The key here is preparation. You can do several things before you leave which will make your job search easier, such as having your resume critiqued and sample cover letters reviewed.  The UTSA Career Center offers a great many services to assist with job and internship hunting. 

Skills Gained While Studying Abroad 

  • Ability to quickly establish rapport, develop relationships, and enhance network  
  • Problem solving and the ability to overcome obstacles 
  • Adaptability and open-mindedness 
  • Applying information to new contexts 
  • Awareness of global economic and political issues 
  • Develop curiosity, inquisitiveness, and critical thinking skills 
  • Enhance cultural awareness, expand worldview, and increase sensitivity to cultural differences 
  • Hone language and communication skills with cross-cultural communication 
  • Develop patience, perseverance, independence, and self-reliance 

A few resources to help with your international job/internship search: