Participating in a club or organization will give you the opportunity and framework to discover, build, and develop skills needed for your after-college choices, whether it be graduate school, service or work. By joining a club and becoming an active member, you can develop transferable skills through projects and be identified by other members as a potential future leader of the organization. Transferable skills are skills you can gain through one experience but apply to many future opportunities.  

Why should you join a student organization?  

  • To gain leadership and management experience 
  • Expand your resume 
  • Learn about budgeting and bookkeeping 
  • Engage with diverse groups of people 
  • Participate in networking opportunities 
  • Learn how to develop a team 
  • Utilize the skills you’ve learned in classes 
  • Manage projects and organize events 
  • Expand communication, writing, and reporting skills 
  • Improve time management skills 
  • Have fun! 

To find the Student Organization that’s right for you, check out an active list on RowdyLink.