Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations develop interpersonal, leadership, and public speaking skills as well as promote community and civic engagement. Student organizations provide opportunities for students to build a bigger network, improve time management skills, and build friendships. The ability to display the balance between work, life, and other activities is important to employers. To learn more about UTSA clubs and organization, visit Student Activities.

Top 8 Reason’s Why You Should Join a Student Organization

  • You’ll expand your resume
  • You gain leadership skills
  • You’ll learn how to engage with diverse groups of people
  • You’ll get to participate in networking opportunities
  • You’ll learn how to work within a team
  • You’ll learn more about yourself
  • You’ll be able to use the skills you’ve learned in class
  • You’ll have fun

Get involved and build transferable skills

Participating in a club or organization will give you the opportunity and framework to discover, build, and develop skills needed for your after college choices, whether it be graduate school, service or work.

By joining a club and becoming an active member, you can develop transferable skills through projects and be identified by other members as a potential future leader of the organization. Transferable skills are skills you can gain through one experience but apply to many future opportunities. Some of the transferable skills you may gain through club involvement include time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and public speaking.

Types of skills gained from student organization involvement and participation:

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Employee management
  • Book-keeping/budget
  • Problem-solving
  • People skills
  • Writing and reporting skills
  • Communication skills