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Recruiting and Branding at UTSA


We are very excited about partnering with you for your recruiting needs and involving you with future professional development activities for our UTSA students and graduates.

Have you always wanted to increase your presence and brand on campus? What about having the data that you need to support justifying UTSA recruiting efforts? Then we have a solution for you that is tailored to enhance your recruiting program and provide you with human capital that you need to fill those vacancies (full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships). To do this we offer an enhanced opportunities to recruit our students through our partnerships program at the Platinum, Gold, and Silver level for for-profit companies and Rowdy, Orange & Blue and Roadrunner for non-profit companies. The partnerships provide advanced branding opportunities, as well as increased access to students and other benefits with the University Career Center.  For additional details, please contact our Employer Relations Team at 210-458-4780 or 210-458-4593.

The University Career Center invites you to participate in a variety of events to meet your current needs:

Table Recruiting

Promote your job opportunities to students on the Main and Downtown campuses. The University Career Center Recruiting Manager will arrange for you to have a table in a high traffic area of the campus to ensure maximum visibility for your recruiting team. You may distribute company job applications or collect resumes in addition to promoting your organization. Table Recruiting Events are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Recruiting Opportunities are typically:

  • Fall: August-December
  • Spring: January-May

All employers must have an active profile and a job posted on Handshake

Information Sessions

Schedule an information session to present an overview of your organization with PowerPoint, video, slides, etc. The University Career Center will assist with marketing your event to the student body and alumni. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Presentation rooms are open 30 minutes before the information session. Catering for information sessions is provided by ARAMARK.

All employers must have an active profile and a job posted on Handshake

On-campus Interviews

The University Career Center provides private interview rooms and coordination of the scheduling process to assist you with candidate selection. One advantage of setting up an on-campus interview schedule is the posting can be set to screen applicants for specific criteria such as: applicant type, GPA requirements, graduation date ranges, classifications, degrees and majors.

All employers must have an active profile and a job posted on Handshake

Career Fairs & Expos

Introduce your company or organization to UTSA students and alumni at Career Fairs and Expos. These events are ideal for recruiting UTSA students, prospective graduates, and alumni from diverse academic and employment backgrounds for your full-time degree, part-time and internship opportunities

Coffeehouse Chat

Our Coffeehouse Chat series is an informal “meet up” of students and features guest facilitators, usually UTSA alumni.  These facilitators represent a variety of different professions and lead an informal discussion on careers in their area of expertise.  Coffee and light refreshments are served and the events are hosted in the Career Center Lounge area in a very relaxed and casual atmosphere.  For more information on Coffeehouse Chats please contact 210-458-4593.

Annual Fall Events:

Career Conference Part-Time Job Fair Veteran’s & Graduate Student Networking Mixer
S.T.E.M. Career Fair All Majors Career Fair Fall Into Your Major
Educator Job Fair  Coffeehouse Chat

Annual Spring Events

Summer Jobs Fair Veteran’s & Graduate Student Networking Mixer S.T.E.M. Career Fair
All Majors Career Fair Match Into Your Major Educator Job Fair
Etiquette Dinner  Coffeehouse Chat

Group Mock Interviews

In addition to on campus recruiting events, the following opportunities can help your organization build your brand with UTSA students:

The job interview can be one of the most challenging parts of the job search process. In order to help students better prepare, we are seeking employers who would like to share their interviewing expertise by facilitating mock interviews with students. Mock interviews will be conducted in a round-table setting with up to six students.

Student Drop-Ins
How would you like to give students feedback on resumes, interviewing, or career options? Drop-in hours are on Tuesdays 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm during the Spring and Fall Semesters (drop-ins are not available during the Summer). A diverse range of students come into the Career Center during drop-in hours to receive advice from industry experts.

Career Fair Prep Days

Prior to our career fairs and expos, several days are set aside for targeted professional development activities for students. Employers are encouraged to take part in these events to prepare students for our fairs and expos. These are opportunities to provide students with the skills they need to be successful. The prep days address a number of topics including: resume writing, interviewing techniques, networking, and career fair prep.

Etiquette Dinner

This dinner provides an opportunity for our students to learn the art of fine dining and to understand and appreciate the protocol of business etiquette. As a table host, you will be invited to sit at a table with seven students. Table hosts will also be recognized in advance publicly and in the event program. We will also make every attempt to seat majors of your choice at your table.

For more information on branding your organization and how to become a corporate partner please contact Otis Scott, Employer Relations Assistant Director at otis.scott@utsa.edu.

Externship Job Shadowing Program

The Extern Job Shadowing Program is a unique career exploration program linking students with professionals in the workplace. By hosting students, you play an active role in educating students about your career field and the workplace including what skills, education, and experience are typically required for such careers. Extern placements last 1/2 a day to a full day.

To register your business to host an Externship. Please complete the Employer Externship Request Form.

For more information, please contact Rachael Fletcher at rachael.fletcher@utsa.edu or call 210-458-2914.

In the Field

Showcase career paths available in your organization by hosting UTSA students for a ½ day visit. Students are exposed to the multiple career paths available in your organization through a workplace tour and career panel in your workplace.

For more information, please contact Rachael Fletcher at rachael.fletcher@utsa.edu or call 210-458-2914.