Recruiting at UTSA

We are very excited about partnering with you for your recruiting needs and involving you with future professional development activities for our UTSA students and graduates.

The University Career Center invites you to participate in a variety of events to meet your current needs:

Table Recruiting

Promote your job opportunities to students on the Main and Downtown campuses. The University Career Center Recruiting Manager will arrange for you to have a table in a high traffic area of the campus to ensure maximum visibility for your recruiting team. You may distribute company job applications or collect resumes in addition to promoting your organization. Table Recruiting Events are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Recruiting Opportunities are typically:

  • Fall: August-December
  • Spring: January-May

Information Sessions

Schedule an information session to present an overview of your organization with PowerPoint, video, slides, etc. The University Career Center will assist with marketing your event to the student body and alumni. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Presentation rooms are open 30 minutes before the information session. Catering for information sessions is provided by ARAMARK.

On-campus Interviews

The University Career Center provides private interview rooms and coordination of the scheduling process to assist you with candidate selection. One advantage of setting up an on-campus interview schedule is the posting can be set to screen applicants for specific criteria such as: applicant type, GPA requirements, graduation date ranges, classifications, degrees and majors.

Career Fairs & Expos

Introduce your company or organization to UTSA students and alumni at Career Fairs and Expos. These events are ideal for recruiting UTSA students, prospective graduates, and alumni from diverse academic and employment backgrounds for your full-time degree, part-time and internship opportunities.

For more information about recruiting at UTSA, please click link below.

General Recruiting Guidelines

A primary objective of the University Career Center at UTSA is to support employers in the efforts to recruit and hire UTSA students. We consider this a partnership effort with a common goal of achieving the best match between the individual student and the employing organization. The UTSA Career Center will act in accordance with the NACE principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals.  

We strive to provide an open and free environment for selection of students for employment and experiential learning opportunities. We reserve the right to take appropriate and necessary actions to enforce compliance with these guidelines in order to maintain a fair and equitable recruitment process among all employers of UTSA students.

Please know that we are deeply appreciative of your interest in recruiting UTSA students for the exciting career opportunities that your organization offers them. We look forward to our partnership to help make your recruiting experience a positive, fair and productive one for everyone.

For information about our General Recruiting Guidelines, please click here.

Please be aware that The University of Texas at San Antonio has expressed policies and procedures regarding solicitation on its campus.  As defined by the university, solicitation is the sale, lease, rental or offer of any merchandise, products and services. For full policy on solicitation, click here.