March Into Your Major – Table Registration

What is March Into Your Major?

March Into Your Major is an event for students who are unsure of their major, have chosen a major but are not sure it’s the right fit for them or students who are confident of their choice of major but are unsure of what careers they can actually pursue with their major. At the event, students will have the following opportunities:

  • See what majors/minors/certifications are offered at UTSA
  • Ask questions to help you learn if your choice of major or career path is a good fit for YOU!
  • Learn about the requirements for your major/minor and the process to change or declare your major/minor
  • Learn about potential internships and career opportunities

Goals & Desired Outcomes for the Event:

  • Students will learn about the academic timelines, the cost of changing their major, and the importance of utilizing their Career Assessment results.
  • Students will receive crucial academic and career information that will assist them in making an informed decision; which can decrease the number of times students change their major and increase the UTSA graduation rate.
  • Students will learn how to utilize the UTSA Guide app to explore Academic Advising Resources and the Work & Career Journey


Since this event began in Spring 2015, we have reached over 5,900 students!

  • Spring 2015- March Into Your Major: 1,108 students attended
  • Fall 2015- Fall Into Your Major: 1,634 students attended
  • Spring 2016- March Into Your Major- 976 students attended
  • Fall 2016- Fall Into Your Major- 1,330 students attended
  • Spring 2017- March Into Your Major- 919 students attended
  • Fall 2017- Fall Into Your Major- 1,123 students attended
  • In 2 years, with the impact of THIS event, the number of rising sophomores who have declared a major has increased from 17.4% to 49%!

What Students Are Saying:

“Professors helped me know what classes to take.”

 “The advice and insight into different aspects of majors that I had never considered was very helpful.”

” All the stuff that I was confused about was well answered and explained today, along with the extra helpful information.”

“Satisfaction knowing that I now have a back-up plan.”


Who should represent my area? Faculty members, Teaching Assistants, Student Leaders,
other Staff Members, and/or Current Students/Ambassadors
Who attends the Fair?
  • Students who are uncertain about what major to choose
  • Students who have doubts about their current major
  • Students who are worried about meeting qualifications for their desired major
  • Students who are confident in their choice of major, but are looking for career guidance
  • Students who are interested in adding a major, minor or certification
Why should I be involved?
  • Bolster enrollment within your college/department
  • Go where the students are!
  • Be a part of the change! (See the impact below)
What kinds of materials should I bring?
  • Interesting artifacts that represent your department
  • Visual Aids/Interactive
  • Recruiting Brochures/Handouts
  • Degree Plans
  • Department Table Cloth

The more fun and eye-catching displays that you have will help draw
students to your table. 

What kind of information should I share?
  • Required courses
  • Minimum GPA
  • Opportunities for non-majors to take classes
  • Faculty-to-student ratio
  • Minors and certificate programs
  • Career opportunities/Companies that hire
  • Famous Alumni/Alumni Accomplishments
  • Professional Associations
  • Student Organizations
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Marketable Skills associated with field of study
  • Any other information you might like students to know about your area

 Program Partners:

Thank you to the following departments for participating in previous semesters. We’d LOVE to add your name to this list!

College Department/Organization
College of Business Accounting
College of Business Finance
College of Education and Human Development Academy for Teacher Excellence
College of Education and Human Development African American Studies
College of Education and Human Development Bicultural and Bilingual Studies
College of Education and Human Development Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching
College of Education and Human Development Kinesiology, Health & Nutrition
College of Education and Human Development Mexican-American Studies
College of Education and Human Development Women’s Studies
College of Engineering Dean’s Office
College of Engineering Student Success Center
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Anthropology
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Communication
College of Liberal and Fine Arts English
College of Liberal and Fine Arts History
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Modern Languages and Literatures
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Philosophy & Classics
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Political Science and Geography
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Political Science, Global Affairs, Politics and Law
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Psychology
College of Liberal and Fine Arts Sociology
College of Public Policy Criminal Justice
College of Public Policy Public Administration
College of Sciences Biology
College of Sciences Chemistry
College of Sciences Computer Science
College of Sciences Environmental Science
College of Sciences Geology
College of Sciences CRTS/GE2MS
College of Sciences Mathematics
College of Sciences Physics and Astronomy
University College Air Force ROTC
University College Arts & Humanities Advising Center
 University College Business Studies Advising Center
 University College Downtown Advising Center
 University College Engineering Advising Center
 University College First Year Experience (Peer Mentors & Teaching Assistants)
 University College Honors Advising Center
 University College Interdisciplinary Education Advising Center
 University College Life & Health Sciences Advising Center
 University College Mathematical and Physical Sciences Advising Center
 University College Multidisciplinary Studies
 University College PIVOT
 University College Social Sciences Advising Center
University College Testing Services
University College Tomas Rivera Center for Student Success
 University College Tomas Rivera Center- Tutoring Services
University College University Health Professions Advising
University College Writing Center

Help Spread the Word:

If you would like additional marketing flyers or PowerPoint presentation to share with students in your class, please contact Abreetta Bonner at


If you would like to participate in this event by having a table, please fill out the registration form below. The registration form is due no later than 5:00pm on Friday, March 22nd. If you have any questions about the event, please contact:

Abreetta Bonner


University Career Center (SU 2.02.04)

March Into Your Major Registration (2019)

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