Internship Scholarship 2022 Application

Application Deadline

Please submit your completed application by April 1, 2022.

Scholarship Criteria

Student applicants must meet the following criteria: • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in a degree program at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Students participating in an internship after graduation do not qualify, and students must be returning to UTSA as an enrolled student in the term following the internship. • Must be in good academic standing with The University of Texas at San Antonio • Must be authorized to work in the United States (Proof/Copy of authorization may be required) • Must secure a summer internship prior to applying • Have not previously received this scholarship

Internship Criteria

Internship Positions must meet the following criteria: • Internship must be at least 10-20 hours per week • Internship duration must be a minimum of 5 weeks • Internship location may be international, domestic, or virtual • Internship may be paid or unpaid • Internship may be for credit or not-for-credit
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Are you authorized to work in the United States?(Required)
Returning to UTSA in the Fall?(Required)
Anticipated Graduation Date? for dd use 01.(Required)

Letter of Interest

Please submit a letter of interest stating how the scholarship will impact you and what you hope to gain from your internship experience. Provide examples of when you have demonstrated leadership, teamwork/collaboration, critical thinking/problem solving, and oral/written communication in your past work history or community involvement. Your submitted letter should build a connection between above mentioned skills and goals, as well as financial benefit or impact of receiving the award. You may copy and paste letter below or upload a separate document with full name and abc123 near the top of paper.
Max. file size: 31 MB.


Please submit a copy of your resume. It is recommended to visit the Career Center in advance for review and feedback. In-person drop in hours are available Tues/Wed 2-4 and virtual drop hours are available Tues/Wed 4-6 pm at or by appointment via Handshake.
Max. file size: 31 MB.

Letter of Recommendation

Attach one letter of recommendation (reference to character). Recommendation may come from University of Texas at San Antonio faculty/staff members or work supervisor.

UTSA Faculty/Staff Member or Work Supervisor

Max. file size: 31 MB.

2022 Internship Information

This portion of the application is to verify employment as an Intern with organization/company. Complete all fields.

Internship Position Information:

Please provide the following information for the person who is authorized to confirm your participation in the reported internship this upcoming year. After you've entered their information, please attach supporting documentation verifying your summer internship position (Official offer letter on company letter head).
Max. file size: 31 MB.
To complete your application, please enter your experience in Handshake.(Required)
Once in Handshake, select Career Services from the drop down menu. Then select Experiences-Request New Experience and complete all required information. We ask that you include 1-2 learning objectives (internship goals).

Award Requirements and Acknowledgements

I certify that all information hereon and / or submitted herewith is true, correct, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge, that there is no material omissions or misrepresentations, that the application is entirely my work and meets all of the eligibility criteria.(Required)
I acknowledge that the University Career Center & the Najim Center may use information provided or included in the application materials, including, without limitation, to name and likeness and may publish the same in furtherance of the purposes and in the sole discretion of The University Career Center. By my signature(s), I hereby authorize, consent and grant the University Career Center the absolute right and permission to use the information provided and any information contained in the application packet, including the name, likeness, personal statement or part thereof, photograph, videotape, quotes and / or information in any University Career Center publication, and / or public relations materials. I further hereby waive the right to approve the finished product(s) and / or its specific use(s) and agree to release and hold harmless the UCC & Najim Center from any claims, damages, or liability whatsoever from or related to the use and disclosure of such information and/or likeness.(Required)
The University Career Center & the Najim Center reserve the right not to grant any scholarships for any particular semester if, in its sole discretion, the UCC and the Najim Center determine that no suitable candidate has applied for such semester. The evaluation and selection committee is comprised of various UCC & Najim Center staff.(Required)

Notes about Stipends and Outstanding Tuition and Fee Charges:

Students who fail to pay their full tuition and fees balance are subject to various actions at the discretion of the University. UTSA reserves the right to apply a students’ stipend to any outstanding balance due at the time of the disbursement.(Required)
A scholarship is taxable to the extent it exceeds the amount paid for tuition, required fees, and books. The student scholarship tax rate is 14%. If taxes are to be deducted, it will automatically be deducted at the time of the stipend payment to the student. International Students: Tax relief may be available to students who are eligible for tax treaty benefits based on the active treaty between the US and the student’s citizenship home country.(Required)


Please double check your scholarship application! Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the UTSA Internship Scholarship Application. Your application will be reviewed, and you will receive further information via the email you have provided in the application. Winner(s) will be announced April 11, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact

Scholarship Winner(s) will be invited to share their experience via poster or video and will be featured on the Career Center Website!