Event Participation Agreement Policy

  • The University Career Center sponsors events for students to support professional and career development. In order to provide the best experience possible, a final list of participants is required. It is also important to note that events that provide food require a headcount to ensure that the appropriate amount of food is provided. Therefore, it is essential that students keep their attendance commitments. Missing an event or failing to cancel them in a timely manner reflects poorly on the student and their professionalism. For this reason, students are required to observe the policy set forth below regarding the cancellation of Event attendance. This policy will be strictly enforced. By voluntarily siging up for the Event, you accept the terms of the Event Participation Agreement Policy. You will be considered a no-show if you fail to report for a scheduled event or if you cancel with less than 48 hours' notice.
  • A no-show requires a letter of apology to the Career Center Internship Coordinator, Rachael Fletcher at Rachael.Fletcher@utsa.edu. You will not be permitted to participate in further events until the letter of apology is submitted. Students/alumni will be given 48 hours following the Event date to write a letter of apology and explanation as appropriate.
  • Please note that when participants no-show for events that require an RSVP, it is unfair to potential participants who wanted to attend but couldn't due to a possible waitlist. The Career Center invests time and money into providing beneficial experiences. Students/alumni who "no show” waste valuable resources and rob other students of career opportunities. Moreover, such lapses of etiquette are generally not tolerated in business and civic settings. The UCC does not encourage Event cancellations. If you need to cancel, you must notify the UCC directly. Call 210-458-4589 or send an email to Rachael.Fletcher@utsa.edu.
  • Please type your name in the box above if you have read and understand the Event no-show/cancellation policy.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please enter the name of the Event you will be attending.