ChatGPT Prompts for Interview Prep

NOTE: Treat the generated content as a reference only. Verify its accuracy and rephrase it as needed. Think of the outputs as suggestions from a career consultant with whom you’re exchanging ideas. 

Behavioral Questions Prompt:

Can you help me formulate a STAR response for the ‘Tell me about a time when…’ question? The situation involved [briefly describe the situation], the task was to [describe the task], the action I took was [describe your actions], and the result was [describe the positive outcome].

Company Research Prompt:

I’m interviewing with [Company Name]. Can you provide me with insights on their culture, recent news, and values that I can mention during the interview?

Strengths and Weaknesses Prompt:

What are some effective ways to discuss my strengths like [choose a strength from the job description] during the interview? Additionally, how can I frame my weakness in a positive light, such as [mention a skill you’re working on]?

Role-Specific Questions Prompt:

For a [job title] position, what technical skills and experiences should I emphasize in the interview? Could you suggest some possible questions related to [specific task or skill] that I might be asked?

Problem-Solving Scenarios Prompt:

I anticipate being asked a question about how I would approach [common challenge in the field]. Could you help me outline a structured response that demonstrates my problem-solving skills?

Asking Questions to Interviewer Prompt:

What are some insightful questions I could ask the interviewer to demonstrate my interest in the role and the company? I want to go beyond basic questions like [common interview questions].

Salary and Benefits Prompt:

How can I effectively negotiate salary and benefits during the interview process? Are there any strategies or key points I should keep in mind?

Cultural Fit Prompt:

What are some ways to gauge the company’s culture during the interview and tailor my responses to show that I align with their values?

Handling Tricky Situations Prompt:

In case I’m asked about a difficult situation or conflict I’ve faced at work, how can I frame my response to show my ability to manage challenges and collaborate effectively?

Follow-Up and Thank-You Notes:

What’s the best way to write a follow-up email after the interview? Could you help me draft a thoughtful thank-you note that highlights my enthusiasm for the role?


By Courtney Pletcher
Courtney Pletcher Senior Career Consultant