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A team of Virtual Peer Mentors (VPMs) is ready to help you on our website all day! Stop by the Chat Feature at and get your questions answered ASAP. The team can share about our resources, assistance with job and internship searches, resume and cover letters, and how to meet 1:1 with a UCC Staff Member. Students and alumni are welcome to utilize the platforms available, and if there is an issue to troubleshoot, ask the chat team. Chat is available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

We asked the VPMs to share their insights with you! Get the inside scoop below:
Bryan – Most Asked in Chat: Clubs and organizations. People often ask where they can find the many clubs they saw at the club fairs, so I often refer them to, where events, organizations, and service (volunteer opportunities) can be found. You can also track your attendance with clubs, which is often used as a metric when being considered for leadership roles. It’s a great website to bookmark and reference as you plan out the week ahead. My favorite UCC resource is drop-in hours, available virtually and in-person, because it is very convenient, especially if you find yourself away from campus or need a quick resume/cover letter review before submitting an application.

Tamar – My most asked about topics are help with building resumes and finding job information on Handshake.
My favorite service offered by the career center is Handshake because of the variety of things students can accomplish in one place. The topics to set up appointments under are detailed and concise. Job postings are easy to find and navigate with all the filter options. We can send messages to employers, and receive messages from recruiters about opportunities for internships and career fairs. There are also informational pages that take you step by step through the process of signing up for career expos and other things. I think Handshake is the most comprehensive of the services offered.

Bruce – My most asked topics are about: Internships, choosing Career Paths, & some questions from International students.
My favorite service in the Career Center would probably be VMock; you can submit your Resume and gain feedback that will definitely help you apply for jobs, whether for Work-study or in your Career.

Mia – My most asked topics are about Interview/Resume assistance and job search assistance.
My favorite service the Career Center offers would be InterviewStream which is a resource that allows you to have mock interviews with pre-recorded questions based on the category/topic you choose. I get very nervous before interviews and being able to have mock interviews is helpful and stress-relieving.

Malia – My most asked questions are definitely regarding Handshake, job search assistance, and help with resume.
My favorite service the career center offers are Resume samples and drop-ins. I remember using the resume sample on the website creating my first resume to apply for a work-study job. The samples on the website are very helpful and great with categorizing based on where you are at. Drop-ins are very helpful and convenient with not having to wait for an appointment. You simply wait for the appropriate day and time then join. I wish everyone offered drop-ins!

Our team is also leading important career-related workshops throughout the semester. The first series for 2022 involves Career Expo Prep. They will cover Resumes, How to Talk to Employers, and Next Steps after attending our Career Fairs. Search “Career Expo Prep” on Handshake for topic detail and how to get registered.

By Lisa Vázquez Vigil
Lisa Vázquez Vigil Senior Career Consultant