Internship Spotlight: Meet Michael!

Howdy, Roadrunners! The Career Center hopes your semester is wrapping up smoothly!

Today’s internship spotlight is about Michael Oyetunji, a Houston native who is currently a senior mechanical engineering major here at UTSA!

In summer of 2019, Michael scored an internship with Pepsico in Hidalgo, TX, as their supply chain intern. We asked Michael what campus activities he participates in that helped prepare him for his internship, and he explained how he is an active member of UTSA’s National Society of Black Engineers and the Sanders Hand Non-Profit Organization. He went on to explain that he obtained his internship by attending the Career Center’s STEM Career Fair in the fall of 2018.

Michael shared some of his responsibilities throughout his internship: “I created a scale warehouse map from scratch on AUTO-CAD which was prerequisite for Dynamic Picking Standard (DPS) transition. By doing this, I would also update the current map with deep reserve area we just acquired. The goals of this project were to enhance productivity and update our current map to coincide with OSHA standards.”

Much responsibility came with just as much excitement! “I liked the fact that this internship would be preparing me for my role yet to come within the company,” Michael explained. “I gained many critical experiences, ranging from leadership and management to participating in each role within the warehouse. I also enjoyed how my manager gave me creative freedom to create the warehouse map. Being free to create and gaining real-world experience motivates me to finish my last two semesters strong because I have an opportunity waiting for me in the end.”

“The most challenging part of my internship,” he continued, “was constantly feeling as if I would fail because everything was new to me. I also dealt with learning how to be patient when dealing with a project that takes numerous hours and precise detail. Once I overcame this, I was able to get in my comfort zone and perform daily tasks to the best of my ability.”

We asked Michael to share some advice with students who are in the market for an internship:

“I recommend that all students start looking for internships early. This makes the internship process easier and less stressful. Get a start on resumes as early as possible and continue to add to them with each new experience. Creating a LinkedIn profile is also very important and being active even more so. Lastly, I recommend that all students learn how to network and take initiative in any type of environment, because it can go a long way.”

Michael says his dream job would be working as a a project manager for a fortune 500 company. “This internship has prepared me for my future goals because it taught me many things about a management role, and it has helped me grow confident in my ability to handle great responsibility.”

Lastly, Michael shared a quote that he felt best defines him:

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” -Dwayne Johnson

Outstanding work, Michael! Go ‘Runners!

By Jacqui Cantu
Jacqui Cantu