Internship Spotlight: Meet Kaylee!

Happy fall, y’all! Help me welcome stellar Roadrunner, Kaylee Boggan, into our Internship Spotlight!

Kaylee is a San Antonio native who studies English and Politics and Law here at UTSA. This past summer, Kaylee participated in a San Antonio-based internship as a Field Organizer and Intern with MOVE Texas–one of the state’s largest and most effective voter registration forces!

Kaylee explained that she found and secured her internship through Handshake, a great talent-recruiting platform for UTSA students. Additionally, being an active and involved Roadrunner helped Kaylee secure this internship. “I am a supplemental instructor for American and Texas Politics,” shared Kaylee. “I’m also a member of the Green Society and a writer at The Paisano.”

These skills definitely helped Kaylee complete her internship. “I helped people register to vote,” Kaylee explained. “I also helped with advocating for many social-justice changes through protest, lobbying, and rallying people together on issues such as immigration, climate change, equal rights, feminism, and grassroots mobilization. The most exciting part was feeling like I made a difference by informing people who didn’t know they had the right to vote or didn’t think their vote mattered.”

Inevitably, a few challenges accompanied such thrilling work: “I faced people who were against the government or didn’t event want to start a conversation,” Kaylee said. However, these challenges did not stop Kaylee from doing outstanding work, as she claimed the most enjoyable part of her experience was interacting with people. She feels this internship prepared her for her future career as a lawyer by allowing her to understand the power that people have in the political sphere.

While reflecting on her internship experience, Kaylee advised students to do as many things possible and make a portfolio of their experiences. Lastly, she shared the following quote which she felt best described herself:

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” -Helen Keller

Amazing work Kaylee! We hope you continue to MOVE us all!

Go ‘Runners!

By Jacqui Cantu
Jacqui Cantu