Deck the Halls with Top Notch Resumes

The ⛄ holiday season 🎁 may be here, but it is still important to keep up the job search.  As students across the country plan to graduate 🎓 in December, the employment job field shrinks. Your resume is the first snapshot an employer or hiring committee sees, and it is your best way to represent yourself as a good fit for their company/organization.

Here are a few ways to keep your name at the top of someone’s list.

  1. Do your research – the company/organization you are applying to wants to see you working as a part of their team. Find their mission and vision, use the job posting to find keywords for your resume, explain your passion for their work in your career objective.
  2. Tidy it up – be sure your document is easy to read with no busy fonts, underlining or italics. 11 – 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial recommended, and keep it to one page. (Masters level or higher, may with added experience, move up to two pages.)
  3. Be bold – use action verbs and metrics to punch up your bullet points and descriptions of your related work experience, volunteering, projects, honors etc. Employers need to see you were responsible for a $2,000 cash deposit, or trained 5+ new recruits.
  4. Ask for help – UTSA has resources available, head to the Career Center, and have someone read over your work. It’s a no brainer this is the best time of the year, have a holly jolly career counselor touch up your resume before you submit it.
  5. Just in case you’re starting from scratch, HERE is a good place to see what other resume formats may be available for your major or career field.

This is just the beginning! Drop-in hours and resume labs are ongoing, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1-4 p.m. Feel free to check in at the front desk and get ready to bring in the new year with a job offer. 🎉

By Lisa Vázquez Vigil
Lisa Vázquez Vigil Senior Career Consultant Lisa Vázquez Vigil