Types of Internships for Business Majors


One of the best things about being a business major is that makes you a competitive candidate in almost any professional field. But with some many fields to choose from, how do you decide what career path to take? An internship is a great way to figure this out, while also gaining significant hands-on experience.

Here are some of the most common internships for business majors:

Product marketing internship

If you’re interested in marketing and want to learn more about this field, a product marketing internship can offer you the chance to learn a lot about the field while also picking up some new skills. During this internship you’ll be learning the basics of marketing by gathering data on market trends, analyzing and interpreting product feedback and studying the marketing strategies of competitors. This is a great chance to learn how to market a product and to understand the challenges of selling a product in a competitive marketplace.

Sales and marketing internship

A sales and marketing internship is usually a role that you’ll encounter at smaller companies and startups where these roles are sometimes combined. This type of internship gives you experience with marketing but also focuses on selling a product directly to a consumer. From observing sales calls made by managers to preparing presentations for clients and assisting with new and ongoing campaigns, this internship will give you with insights on the ups and downs of a career in sales and marketing.

Business management internship

From project management to analysis of sales, there’s a lot to learn in a business management internship. Among other things, you’ll assist with developing tools, conducting analyses and discussing business strategy with the team. But your role doesn’t end there. In fact, because this type of internship relates to the broader needs of a business in general, you’ll be getting an overview of what’s involved in running a business and getting a real hands-on field for everything from finance to operations.

Business consulting internship

Whether as part of a marketing, human resources, management or accounting team, business consulting interns assist business consultants in gathering data or materials for analysis and recommendations. As a business consulting intern, you’ll be sharpening your problem-solving skills and knowledge of business models, while also making an impact to the organization.

Management consulting internship

Whether you’re a management consulting intern for a consulting firm or for a financial services organization, during this internship you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to research, compile and present information. You’ll also assist in implementing changes to the project or team structure. This is a great internship for someone who is interested in going into management consulting after graduation.

Business development internship

As a business development intern, you’ll assist in market research and partnership development. You’ll also help to build business relationships with clients and partners and contribute to the overall growth of the organization. During this internship, you’ll learn about all the factors involved in building a successful business and get a feeling for how to run a business of your own.

Business majors are among the most sought-after candidates in any professional field. But with so many options to choose from, picking a career might seem a bit overwhelming. By taking on one or more of these internships during your time in college, you’ll be able to pick up some great skills and find a career path that’s just right for you.

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By Lorrenza Vandiver
Lorrenza Vandiver Assistant Director-Professional Development and Diversity