Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence for Your Job Search

Many of you are currently in your job search or Fall internship search. You are taking time to update your resume and cover letter, practicing your networking and interviewing skills, and updating your LinkedIn profile. But have you thought about cleaning up your social media presence? According to Lily Herman’s article, “How to Clean Up Your Social Media During the Job Search“, on “one in three employers have rejected candidates based on something they found out about them online.”

This is, also, important for those that are currently employed. What people fail to understand is that, even at home, you are still representing the brand of the company you work for. Employees are a reflection of the company and if you post something on your personal social media sites that go against and do not actively reflect the beliefs and values of the company you work for, then you, potentially, can be terminated. Herman recommends googling yourself to see what “digital dirt” comes up on the internet. Consider taking it a step further and google all forms of your name including any nicknames you have.

What are employers looking for? According to Herman, 65% of employers want to “gauge a candidate’s professionalism in terms of social conduct”, “35% want to see if the candidate fits into the company’s culture” and “45% want to learn more about the candidate’s qualifications.” So what does this all mean for you and your social media profiles? Take down any politically charged, religiously charged, or controversial content. Remove content that shows drinking/drug usage or content with foul language. If you don’t want to do that, then make sure you keep up-to-date with your privacy settings. Don’t sabotage your job search efforts because of your social media presence.


By Dionne Davila
Dionne Davila Assistant Director of Career Development