What is Bioengineering, anyway?

Biomedical Engineering at UTSA is unique for many reasons, least of all its additional admission requirements. But why study it? What is it? More generically referred to as Bioengineering, students who pursue this degree will have the opportunity to “work with cutting-edge technologies to tackle grand challenges that define the human experience.” Bioengineers “advance human health, engineer better medicines, create the tools of innovation and scientific discovery, and harness the power of biological processes to aid our planet.”

In addition, there are many facets of engineering related to the Biomedical degree you might pursue here. Check out this list of different specializations that fall under the umbrella of Biomedical/Bioengineering.

“The field of bioengineering is in its infancy – it is the only engineering discipline that developed post WWII. There is much room for growth and advancement within the field, which poses exciting opportunities for students looking toward Bioengineering careers. Medical and biological engineers today are carving-out their own path and are working to solve society’s most vexing issues.”

  • Resource: http://navigate.aimbe.org/


By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor-College of Engineering Kate Kastl