15 things that can be left off your resume…

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While there is no black-and-white, right-or-wrong template for your resume, these tips are very consistent with the feedback we receive from employers and hiring managers who screen job application materials. Check out this list of 15 Things You Should Take …

By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor, College of Engineering
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Ready… ACTION!

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When it comes to your resume, your verbiage should include some variety. Are you struggling to insert words onto your resume that truly demonstrate your skills, abilities and experience in a non-repetitive way? Check out this list of ACTION WORDS …

By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor, College of Engineering
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By Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez Career Counselor-College of Business

How To Answer Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses


Professions with a Purpose: Not Just a Paycheck


It’s great to earn a paycheck, but it’s especially great to earn a paycheck from an organization that is mission-driven. For many organizations, fulfilling their missions involves raising awareness and improving quality of life for the people they serve in industries …

By Avin Jordan
Avin Jordan Internship Coordinator
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By Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer Career Counselor-University College

Freshmen, Undecided, & Multidisciplinary Studies Students- Check out what is going on in the University College!


Tips for Finding a Sponsor Employer for a Work Visa


“You cannot apply for a visa to work in the U.S. until you have an employer willing to offer you a job and act as your petitioner in the application process. Yet finding a job when you don’t yet have …

By Marshall Uhlig
Marshall Uhlig Career Counselor-College of Liberal & Fine Arts
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