Volunteering allows students to serve in a community primarily because they choose to do so. Volunteering is a Pathway to Employment. A student can acquire skills and knowledge as a volunteer that can be transferred to a job and can demonstrate higher levels of capacity, potentially making them more attractive to and productive for employers. Check out the Volunteer Services for more information on how you can get involved in volunteer activities at UTSA. Volunteer Services connects the UTSA and San Antonio communities through a broad range of service opportunities for student involvement while addressing social issues and community needs. Students can also visit Handshake to see Volunteer opportunities.

Long-term volunteering and service-learning can be an important part of not only gaining experience in career areas of interest for you but also as you explore different career paths. Students have the opportunity to make connections within the local San Antonio community and beyond. Whether you choose to get involved through volunteering, academic service-learning, internships or other involvement, you are helping develop your own skills.

National/International Volunteer Opportunities