First Destination

First Destination refers to the the post-graduation status of students within 6 months following graduation from UTSA. Our graduates pursue a variety of destinations beyond traditional employment with an organization, including graduate school, artistic endeavors, entrepreneurial opportunities, and service, among others.

Starting Salary

The salary metrics listed are based on student-reported starting salaries and do not include bonuses or other possible monetary benefits including tuition reimbursement, health insurance, among others. Cost of living is an important consideration with this data, as a majority of graduates accept a position in Texas, with around 2% of each graduating class taking positions in New York or Florida. U.S. geographic region is a significant predictor of starting salary.

Employment Locations

A majority of UTSA students are Texas residents. While many graduates remain in Texas for their first position, College students accept positions all over the nation and around the world. Over the past few years, New York and Florida have been common destinations outside Texas.

United States