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Internship and Co-Op programs are experiential learning experiences that are extensions of the classroom, providing for the application of knowledge gained in the classroom.

Internships and Co-Ops have:

  1. A defined beginning and end
  2. A job descriptions with desired qualifications
  3. Clearly defined learning objectives and goals, set forth at the beginning of the experience

Internships and Co-Ops can be identified as having, all or some, of the following characteristics. Depending on the university standards

  1. The possibility of the student receiving or not receiving credit (Tuition fees and course enrollment apply in all instances of credit achievement)
  2. Being paid or unpaid
  3. Required GPA for enrollment and participation
  4. Educational agreement with Academic departments within the specific universities and colleges
  5. Employment during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. (Multiple or alternating term employment takes place under both programs, depending on university and college standards)

The expectations and requirement for students and employers are the same during co-op and internship experience.

For more details, see the following handout: Coop vs Internship