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March Into Your Major

What is March Into Your Major?

March Into Your Major is an exploratory event that allows students to meet with faculty, academic advisors, career counselors, and peers to discuss possible majors/minors, conveniently located in one place! The purpose of the event is to educate students regarding UTSA’s academic programs and career options to help lead them to make informed decisions. The event will also connect students to campus resources, academic departments, and peers to gain perspective on their areas of interest.

Who should attend?

  • Uncertain about what major to choose?
  • Chosen a major, but are unsure?
  • Confident in your choice of major, but are looking for career guidance?
  • Student Organizations and Departments/Faculty: 

At the Event, students will have the chance to:

  • Explore the Majors, Minors & Certifications that UTSA offers
  • Ask questions to help you learn if your choice of major or career path is a good fit for YOU!
  • Meet with Faculty, Academic Advisors, Career Counselors, and Student Leaders within your field of study
  • Learn about the requirements for your major/minor and the process to change or declare your major/minor
  • Meet with University Health Professions staff and numerous departments to learn more about campus resources
  • Learn about potential internships and career opportunities

Prepare for the Fair:

Questions to Ask at the Event
Review the Majors, Minors & Certifications offered at UTSA
Learn more about What Can I Do With This Major?
UTSA Academic Advising Centers Directory

Department Table Registration:

We invite academic departments and faculty to join us in this event. This is a great way to provide information to students on their interested fields of study as they explore the different majors and minors that UTSA offers. All Academic Departments and Campus Representatives must register in advance to participate in the event. Please register by 5pm on Friday, November 2, from 10am-2pm. Click HERE to register.

Photos from Previous Events:

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This event is collaboratively sponsored by Associate Vice Provost for Student Success and Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.