Fellowships are short-term learning opportunities that typically span from a few months to two years. Many associations sponsor fellowships to give financial support to budding young professionals in exchange for their work in the field. Fellowships are traditionally merit-based awards granted to full-time masters or doctoral students with high GPAs and career promise. If you’re looking to kick-start your plan for the future, consider applying for a fellowship opportunity.

The main benefit of becoming a fellow is the experiential learning. Fellowships are structured to deliver significant responsibility in a particular specialty, well beyond an entry-level job. Fellows can learn from mentors and even publish their research. Many fellows are eventually hired for full-time employment by their supporting agency too.

How do you find Fellowships? Networking with your academic contacts is key for finding fellowships that suit your niche. Talk with your faculty advisor and professors about opportunities that may not be advertised. Online fellowships databases are also available to sort through based on your minimum eligibility criteria.

Fellowships provide tuition or aid to support the training of students for a period of time. They are usually made by educational institutions, corporations, or foundations to assist individuals pursuing a course of study or research. Visit Handshake to view upcoming fellowship opportunities.


Fellowship Resources

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