Who can participate?

The University Career Center Student Advisory Board is comprised of any student organization, student group, appointment campus student representative, or individual at the University of Texas at San Antonio, who wants to further the growth of classrooms to careers and professional development throughout campus.


The UCC will allow you the opportunity to represent your student organization and the student body to the UCC to help shape the future of career programming and engagement with employers.

What do you have to do?

As a member of the UCC SAB, you will have the opportunity to provide your input on the following:
• Input on marketing collateral
• Employer/Recruiting activities on campus
• Career programming
• Professional development opportunities
• How events were during your attendance
• New idea and/or thoughts to better programming
• Share what has/has not worked with you
• Anything else you find related to career/professional development

Outside of all of these opportunities we ask you and your student organization members (if applicable) to assist in cross marketing any upcoming UCC and/or employer events.

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