UTSA College of Engineering Career Fair

All UTSA Engineering majors  are invited to attend the Engineering Job Fair on April 2, 2018!

Fair Entrance Times:
 8:30 am – Job Fair Opens to Graduate Students ONLY

10:30 am – Job Fair Opens to Undergraduate Students

12:00 pm – Job Fair Concludes


*Some employers have requested that you apply online before attending the fair
*Professional Dress is Required

Visitors:Are able to attend without registering.

UTSA students: Please RSVP or register on Handshake.

Quick Tips:
Prior to the fair, attend at least one Career Fair Prep Workshop! Go to the events section of your Handshake profile to sign up. Topics include: Resume Writing, Career Fair Prep, Interviewing, LinkedIn, and Negotiating Salaries.

On the day of the fair, bring plenty of resumes and dress professionally! You will also need to know your UTSA ID (ABC123) to speed up your check-in process and receive a printed name-tag. 

Our employers tell us their number one complaint at Career Fairs is the candidates lack of knowledge on their company. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Here are some tips below.

Before the Career Fair:

*Know the company. Research the employers that might be of interest to you.
*Review the employer’s website thoroughly. By doing so, it allows you to start a conversation with what you know about the company.
*Be prepared to ask questions of the representatives. Practice out loud; it helps. For sample questions to ask recruiters, you may access the Impress Your Recruiter document on the Career Fair Plus Mobile App.
*Know yourself. Try to identify specific experiences where you have demonstrated your strengths. 
*Backing up all your skills with specific examples will make you a stronger candidate.
*Know why you want to work for their company. If you don’t know, they won’t either.
*Develop a strong resume, and bring several copies for distribution.
*Consider your dress. Professional dress is required. If you do not have appropriate attire, please visit the Career Center a few days prior to check out a suit. Sizes and quantity are limited, so please do not wait until the last minute. The Career Center is closed day of the fair.

During the Career Fair:
*Make a good impression: make eye contact and smile immediately when introducing yourself.
*Give a firm handshake to give a strong first impression. 
*Remember the representative’s name; if not, casually refer to their name tag. 
*Continue to smile and be polite – enthusiasm is an important quality. 
*Dress nicely; professional dress is required.
*Body language often can speak louder than the spoken word: do not fidget, cross your arms, or make distracting movements.
*Do not look around when being spoken to. 
*Do not chew gum. 
*Listen carefully to what the representative has to say!
*Communication is critical: avoid using filler words such as, “um”, “like”, “yeah”, and “ya know”.
*Show confidence in your voice. The room will be noisy, and if they can’t hear you, they won’t remember you. Be articulate and sell yourself. 
*Offer a polished resume. 
*Ask for a business card or write down the representative’s name. It is okay to ask what the hiring procedure is. Make sure you take good notes!

After the Career Fair:
*Mailing (or emailing) a thank you a letter is not only appropriate; it can also bring positive attention to your name and application.
*You can send an initial or additional resume in your thank you letter; again, point out your strengths. 
*You can also call to make sure that your application is complete.
*When calling, be prepared and know/practice what you are going to say beforehand regarding restating your strengths specific to their position and/or organization.

For more information on Handshake, contact:
Ashleigh Dinkins
Event Manager
UTSA Career Center

For more information, contact:
LiPing Bien
The University of Texas at San Antonio

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