San Antonio Panic Room

The San Antonio Panic Room is the second location of the Panic Room Company. The first location, Austin Panic Room, was founded in August 2014 in a small red house on the east side of Austin, TX by four students and one alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin. After visiting another escape room venue in London, UK, the founders decided Austin would be a perfect city to bring this concept to. After collaborating to establish the Zombie Room as our first attraction, we opened our doors and have since then added 2 more room concepts to our portfolio (the Museum Room and the Bomb Room). We then opened a second location in San Antonio in April of 2015, hoping to bring the same excitement to San Antonio as well.
Since we opened our doors, we have continuously strived to provide the very best in escape room entertainment and experience for our customers (locals, tourists, and corporations alike). Our goal is to provide people with a fun way to develop their teamwork, logic and communication skills in an interactive group setting. We want to move away from the horror genre that other rooms use and focus on providing mainstream entertainment. We have been blessed to be one of the top attractions in Austin and San Antonio and we work hard to keep it that way.



Our Operators are in charge of the in-room customer experience – up to 2 rooms per shift. This responsibility includes greeting the customers, guiding the customers through the game, debriefing the customers after the game, and resetting the clues correctly every time. Will also help in maintaining and cleaning our facilities.