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How to Find a Remote Job (beta)

Please note that this is an experiment using AI-generated audio for this course, which was originally produced in Spanish. This is a pilot course and our plan is to retire it in July. The exercise files and in-course quizzes are available in the course’s original language only. Please let us know what you think by leaving a review.

Start working remotely with these ideas on what remote jobs exist, where to find them, how to generate them, and how to operate in them. During this course, you will delve into the relationship between lifestyle and work style, learn to negotiate with your current company to start working remotely by taking advantage of the situation generated by COVID-19 and, if that’s not possible, you will also explore different sources to find remote jobs, how to use them appropriately, and how to leverage social networks to find jobs of this nature. Finally, you will discover how to prepare yourself for performing remote work effectively.

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