Our Hispanic & Latino/a/x Affinity Community is a place for students to learn about resources and opportunities available specifically to their unique mixture of talents, skills, education, and background.  You will find a place to network with other professionals who are passionate about their journey, who share their experiences and successes in order to boost this community.  Through this group, our hope is students recognize their value, become aware of the vast amounts of support given to Hispanic & Latino/a/x students, and take the next steps toward a successful career in the future.

Scroll through the resources and articles to find information related to the Hispanic and Latino/a/x experience and be inspired by success stories.

If you are interested in participating in and/or supporting this community, please feel free to share your experiences, provide resources that may support students’ pathways to development, connect with students to offer insight and support, and inform the broader community of internships, community engagement, or job opportunities.