What to say when an interviewer asks, “What is your biggest weakness?”


When interviewing for a new job, you’ll most likely run into the “What’s your greatest weakness” question. Suzy has four great tips at how to handle your answer without blowing up. 

By Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer Associate Director of Career Development and College Relations Heidi Sawyer
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When Writing Resumes, Don’t Tell Them, Show Them


There is an old adage about writing that goes something like “show, don’t tell.” The idea is that good writing shows what the author wants to communicate, and through showing lets the point communicate itself. Bad writing tells the reader …

By Abreetta Bonner
Abreetta Bonner Career Counselor, University College Abreetta Bonner
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A few tips to help you prepare for the IT interview

Tech interview

A few tips on preparing for the IT interview

1) Do your research on the company and on the interview process. Websites such as glassdoor and linkedin can give you an insight to a company’s specific hiring procedures.  If you …

By Tara Ryan
Tara Ryan Career Counselor, College of Sciences Tara Ryan
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Checklist For After You Complete The Interview


The Checklist You Need To Run Through Right After Your Interview!


Preparing for what comes after your interview is just as important as preparing for the interview. You want to continue to portray professionalism and interest in the job …

By Martin Saenz
Martin Saenz Career Counselor-College of Liberal and Fine Arts Martin Saenz
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5 Inappropriate Job Interview Questions that You Don’t Have to Answer

inappropriate interview questions

Interviewing can be uncomfortable enough. Although preparation for an interview is key; it’s also important to know how to respond to illegal or inappropriate questions when employers cross the line. Check out the 5 Job Interview Questions You Never Have …

By Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer Associate Director of Career Development and College Relations Heidi Sawyer
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