Gaining Relevant Experience

The Road Less Traveled: Non-Profit Internships

Top 3 Myths About Interning With Non-Profit Organizations

It’s easy to get drawn into imagining yourself as an intern at Google or with a prestigious firm on Wall Street. The reality is that most big name corporations have highly selective …

By Avin Jordan
Avin Jordan Experiential Learning Program Coordinator
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Comp Science/Engineering Internship(s): looking to hire Roadrunners ASAP!

The Southwest Research Institute still has some summer internship opportunities available, and is looking specifically to hire UTSA students to fill the vacancies!

Computer Science/Computer Engineering students have the ability to work on projects focusing on NASA initiatives (based in …

By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor-College of Engineering
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By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor-College of Engineering

What’s the difference between ‘engineer’ and ‘professional engineer’?

“To a client, it means you’ve got the credentials to earn their trust. To an employer, it signals your ability to take on a higher level of responsibility.”

Looking to stay local?

Several engineering employers in the San Antonio and/or Texas regions are posting new employment opportunities every day! Be sure to research any of the numerous positions below, starting with your specific engineering specialization:

Biomedical Engineering jobs in Texas

Civil Engineering …

By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor-College of Engineering
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Summertime Means Volunteer Time!

If you are not already taking classes or participating in an internship this summer, now would be the perfect time to gain additional experience through volunteerism. Employers highly favor seeing that a potential candidate has been involved in their community, …

By Dionne Davila
Dionne Davila Assistant Director of Career Development
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