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UTSA COEHD offers 11 undergraduate, 13 master’s and four doctoral degree programs …”the College of Education and Human Development has focused on providing first-rate educational opportunities and fostering groundbreaking educational research in order to meet that goal – producing new educators with skills necessary to meet today’s challenges, and providing the framework of imaginative flexibility for solving the challenges of the future.”

2019 Internship Scholarship-DEADLINE EXTENDED!

Calling all FUTURE INTERNS!!! If you have secured an Internship for 2019 outside of San Antonio, apply for a scholarship today! Applications due March 8th!


By Rachael Fletcher
Rachael Fletcher Senior Associate Director of Experiential Learning
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4 Things Other Than Salary You Need To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

Before you start a job, you need to decide whether to accept a job offer. And over the course of your career, some will be no-brainers; others will be a little trickier.

Take these scenarios.

You get an offer that’s …

By Abreetta Bonner
Abreetta Bonner Career Counselor, University College
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8 Times Candidates Didn’t Get Hired Because of Something They Put on Social Media

We know you’ve heard you should clean up your social media so you can be a presentable professional, especially when looking for a new job. But do you know how it could actually hurt you?

We’ve collected real stories about …

By Abreetta Bonner
Abreetta Bonner Career Counselor, University College
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Internship Week is almost Here!

The UTSA Career Center is excited to host Spring Internship Week February 11-14th at the UTSA Main Campus! Join us for internship exploration, preparation, and networking with students and employers! If you haven’t signed up yet, reserve your spot today …

By Rachael Fletcher
Rachael Fletcher Senior Associate Director of Experiential Learning
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Ask a Career Changer: How Do I Pick a New Career Path When I Have Many Passions?

Dear Career Changer,

I’ve been wanting a career change and have a few different passions that I have no professional experience with. But I have no idea how to move forward. Any advice?

Enthusiastic, But Inexperienced

Dear Enthusiastic, But …

By Abreetta Bonner
Abreetta Bonner Career Counselor, University College
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  • Program Manager The University of Texas at San Antonio

LinkedIn Learning Courses

After Effects Apprentice: 08 Nesting and Precomposing

Trish Meyer
Let Chris and Trish Meyer share with you two of the core secrets required to become an efficient After Effects…

Photography Foundations: Black and White

Ben Long
In this Foundations of Photography, Ben Long shows photographers how to develop a black and white vocabulary and explains the…

Creative Inspirations: Second Story, Interactive Design Studio

Second Story
Above a bakery in Portland, Oregon, a unique group of storytellers are quietly changing museum and exhibit experiences all over…

Creative Inspirations: Ze Frank, Comedic Digital Savant

Ze Frank
Ze Frank is one of the most creative and enigmatic people working in digital media. He’s also just plain funny.…

After Effects Apprentice: 06 Type and Music

Trish Meyer
One of the cornerstones of motion graphics is creating and animating type. In this course, Trish Meyer shows how to…

Learning DSLR Filmmaking

Chad Perkins
Join Chad Perkins, an author and videographer, as he introduces the essential concepts and techniques necessary for shooting video with…

Green Screen Techniques for Photography and DSLR Video

Abba Shapiro
Learning to shoot green screen removes tons of time and budget limitations; instead of scouting and shooting on location, you…

Learning Graphic Design: Techniques

John McWade
Take a creative refresher course with these 18 simple design techniques that will immediately improve your layouts, brought to you…

Learning Studio Lights and Flash Lighting

Erin Manning
Join photographer and The Whole Picture host Erin Manning as she demonstrates the essential techniques beginning photographers need to know…

Premiere Pro: Commercial Editing Techniques

Christine Steele
Learn to creatively compose short-form advertisements using Adobe Premiere Pro. Author Christine Steele explores how to communicate and market an…

Web Motion: Animate a CSS Sprite Sheet

Tom Green
CSS sprite sheets have opened up another door for web motion, allowing you to efficiently animate a series of images—anything…

Creating a Short Film: 07 Cinematography

Chad Perkins
The 13-part Creating a Short Film training series showcases what it actually takes to create a short film—from the brainstorming…

Creating a Short Film: 06 Working on Set

Chad Perkins
Get an insider’s perspective on the movie-making process. Creating a Short Film offers a unique window into the actual struggles…

Logo Design: Shapes and Symbols

Bill Gardner
Storytellers weave their tales with words. Designers must do it with pictures, and shapes and symbols are their visual shorthand,…

The Traveling Photographer: The Basics

David Hobby
Traveling is a time of discovery, shared experiences, and bonding with family and friends. Travel is also a time to…

The Six Biases of Decision-Making

Drew Boyd
Want to make better decisions at work? In this short course, author, innovation expert, and professor Drew Boyd discusses ways…

V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max Essential Training

Brian Bradley
Master features of the V-Ray 3.0 rendering engine and learn how to extend the range of 3ds Max with state-of-the-art…

ZBrush: 3D Printing

Ryan Kittleson
Prepare your models for 3D printing with ZBrush, the popular program for 3D modeling and digital sculpting. Learn how to…

Artist at Work: Textures

Mary Jane Begin
Mary Jane Begin is back with more from the Artist at Work series. This installment focuses on adding texture to…

The Business of Songwriting: First Steps

Garrick Chow
When it comes to making money in songwriting, writing great songs is only part of the equation. In this course,…

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