Interested in Graduate School? Tips on How To Ace Your Grad School Interview!

Grad School

Most Universities require an interview for admission into Graduate School.
Here are some tips to help you prepare and ace the interview!
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Also, use Handshake to make an appointment with your Career Counselor for Graduate or …

By Martin Saenz
Martin Saenz Career Counselor-College of Liberal and Fine Arts
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10 Tips Networking as an International Student in the U.S.


An essential and ever growing necessity for job search and professional opportunities!

Start now and meet with your career counselor to learn more about how to network and how it will help you.

By Mysti Frazier
Mysti Frazier Career Counselor-College of Business
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Think BIG. Like the whole, wide world.


Want to know what a good resume in Argentina might look like? Who are the top employers in France? What opportunities might you have in Turkey?

The University Career Center has a wonderful resource called GoingGlobal under “Resources” on your …

By Karen Ivy
Karen Ivy Assistant Director-Student Services
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How to Ace Your Next Telephone Interview

telephone GIF

Employers are increasingly opting for a telephone interview to screen potential new hires.  Check out these 6 steps to help you make a great first impression in a phone interview!

By Sara Goede
Sara Goede Career Counselor-College of Liberal and Fine Arts
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By Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez Career Counselor-College of Business

5 ways to answer, “Tell me about yourself” using your passion, mission or strength [TEMPLATES]