ChatGPT Prompts for Grad School Assistance

NOTE: Treat the generated content as a reference only. Verify its accuracy and rephrase it as needed. Think of the outputs as suggestions from a career consultant with whom you’re exchanging ideas. 

Program Selection Prompt:

Can you help me choose a suitable graduate program based on my interests in [your field/subject of interest]

Statement of Purpose Prompt:

I need assistance in crafting a compelling statement of purpose for my graduate school application. Could you provide me with some tips and examples?

Choosing Recommendations Prompt:

What qualities should I look for in potential recommenders for my graduate school application, and how can I approach them?

GRE/GMAT Preparation Prompt:

I’m planning to take the GRE/GMAT for my graduate applications. Can you provide study tips, recommended resources, and strategies?

Application Timeline Prompt:

What’s the ideal timeline for preparing and submitting my applications to graduate school deadlines?

Financial Aid and Scholarships Prompt:

What are some effective ways to search for and secure financial aid or scholarships for graduate studies?

CV/Resume Building Prompt:

I need assistance in creating a strong CV/resume tailored for graduate school applications.
Could you provide me with tips and advice?

Interview Preparation Prompt:

How should I prepare for graduate school interviews? What kind of questions can I expect?

Comparing Offers Prompt:

I’ve received multiple offers from different graduate programs. What factors should I consider when comparing these offers?

Networking Strategies Prompt:

What are some effective strategies for networking with professors and potential peers in my field of interest before starting graduate school?


By Courtney Pletcher
Courtney Pletcher Senior Career Consultant