Internship Week is Here!

It’s that time of year again….to prepare for & find an internship! Last semester we took a voyage into the future and explored how to prepare for virtual internships. This semester we are looking forward to a fresh start and eager to make new connections; virtually of course! Please register on Handshake for each day!

Day 1: Career Center Land: The origin of the rock star intern – Feb. 2 (1pm – 2pm)

Are you searching for an internship, but feel uneasy about the process of applying and what the internship has in store? Worry no more, Career Center Land is the resource for you! Join us as we prepare to apply for virtual internships and make the most of the internship experience! During this session you will play Career Center Land, an interactive board game that allows you to explore where to search for virtual internships, learn more about the application process, and start your virtual internship. You will leave this session with a list of search avenues, guidance on the application process, and tips on being a rock star intern! 

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Day 2: F.U.E.L Your Degree through Experiences –  Feb 3 (12pm – 1:15 pm)  

Are you looking for ways to put your class knowledge into action? During this interactive event, we will explore four different avenues that you can participate in at UTSA and gain career related experience that will put you ahead of the rest. Join our Career F.U.E.L (Finding Understanding through Experiential Learning) Exploration Event on February 3rd and identify the right experience for you. You may even want to do more than one! 

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Day 3: Connecting with Recruiters: How to Make a Great First Impression – Feb 4 (11am – 12:00 pm)  

Have you ever shook hands with a recruiter and completely forgot what you were going to say next? Maybe you stumbled over your words or forgot your major! First impressions are not easy, but with a little practice and help from the University Career Center, you’ll be able to have more confidence in speaking with recruiters. During this event you will get to practice your elevator pitch with employers in a casual group session. You will also get to ask the recruiters questions about how to stand out & leave a great first impression.

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Psst! In case you missed last semester’s Internship Week, here’s the links of our recorded sessions. 

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By Tyra Allen
Tyra Allen