Internship Week: A Voyage Into The Future

The coronavirus has caused a catalyst for how we now interact in cyberspace. It almost feels like we’ve teleported into a sci-fi show, but we’re actually watching a technological evolution unfold! As our roadrunners prepare to explore uncharted territory, they must learn how to navigate gaining experience through virtual internships & learning how to work remotely. The University Career Center hopes to provide a helpful guide for you on this journey. This year Internship Week (Oct. 26-29) will take you on a voyage into the future! Students who have completed virtual internships will give you great tips on how to prepare and what to expect. Federal agencies will give you exclusive information on how to be a competitive applicant and an outstanding intern. At the end of the week, you will launch into cyberspace equipped with proper guidance to have a successful voyage into the future!

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By Tyra Allen
Tyra Allen