Internship Expo 2019

September 12, 2019 sure was a great day to be a Rowdy Intern! A group of stellar Roadrunners entertained a large rush of people on the second floor of the Student Union that special Thursday evening, providing creative presentations in the form of posters and videos to share their internship experiences with others!

Starting at around 4:30 PM, interns showed up to the University Career Center to receive their name plaques and set up their presentation stations. Immediately, everyone began sharing stories about their internship experiences among one another (as strong networking Roadrunners tend to do).

By 5 PM, the expo was set to start, and our interns were ready as ever to present the remarkable highlights of their internship journeys. Excitement filled the air as the crowd of listeners grew bigger and bigger– being drawn in by curiosity, employers such as RBFCU and USAA, and the irresistible smell of popcorn, of course! Interns chatted away with their fellow Roadrunners, comparing their experiences to that of others, sharing the knowledge they gained, answering other students’ questions about internships and, most importantly, making memories and connections!

7 PM approached all too quickly, leaving our interns sad to cut some of their conversations short. However, adrenaline took over the Career Center lobby when all the participants filed in to recap the event, collect their Rowdy-Intern t-shirt, and exchange contact information with one another. When asked who would participate in the Career Center’s future events, all hands shot up in the air right away!

The Career Center is extremely proud of every Rowdy Intern! For more information about internships, stop by the Career Center, or keep an eye out for future Rowdy-Intern Events. If you have an internship coming up or have already completed one, share your experience with us for a chance at being in our internship spotlight!

Go ‘Runners!

By Jacqui Cantu
Jacqui Cantu Profile Picture