NACE 2019 Conference Recap

Be sure to check out the amazing re-cap of this year’s event! So many insights on Career and Employer trends which could be helpful to you in a future job or internship search. Thank you to Jeffrey Moss for the rundown on NACE 2019.

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NACE, or National Association of Colleges and Employers is a major source of information for so many, including where we as the University Career Center, draw the information needed to assure our students are ready for their next step with career development and engagement. If you haven’t read the specific data gathered for your major/program area, visit, and click on “Career Communities,” to find the Marketable Skills you should be developing today.  Of course, if you would like to sit down and plan a little more, or would like to chat about other opportunities, schedule an appointment with your Career Counselor through

By Lisa Vázquez Vigil
Lisa Vázquez Vigil Senior Career Consultant