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SAN ANTONIO, TX (Feb. 6, 2019): Last Thursday morning, The DeBerry Group welcomed 14 UTSA students to their first Integrated Insights Externship to explore the marketing and communications industry with local San Antonio experts. The event included an Expert Panel and a networking luncheon. The all-female panel included Connie Gonzalez, Director of Public Relations of Brooks; Becky Kimbro, Vice President of Strategic Brand Engagement from Spurs Sports and Entertainment; Sandra Garcia, Vice President of Marketing for the DoSeum; Stephanie Guerra, local social media influencer; and Trish DeBerry, President and CEO of The DeBerry Group.

The morning kicked off with a discussion from the expert panel. Moderated by Trish DeBerry, the panel spoke about their experience with branding, marketing, social media, data and analytics, and how they incorporate artificial intelligence into their marketing. The panel shared extremely valuable information with the students about the San Antonio market. Students had the opportunity to ask the expert panel any questions they had about San Antonio, marketing and communications, or the panels’ personal experiences. One student asked the panel how they overcome failure and the panel promptly replied “Embrace it!”. Becky Kimbro of Spurs Sports and Entertainment then followed up with a piece of advice, “Safe is the riskiest play of all.”

After the expert panel concluded, the students enjoyed a networking luncheon with members of the expert panel, staff members of The DeBerry Group, and their fellow marketing and communications peers. Students were able to explore The DeBerry Group office and get a closer look into what it takes to work for an Integrated Marketing Agency.

The event was a huge success and students gained further insight into how messaging and branding is determined, as well as the impact social media has had on integrated marketing.



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