Not So Silent Elevator Pitch Tips

During this time of the year, you may be out at holiday parties 🎄 with friends or family and overhear a conversation about a company or organization where you would like to work.  Maybe you meet a hiring person, or someone within a desired department, and now is your chance to get your foot in the door.  An elevator pitch is the perfect way to connect with a prospective employer, it can be 30 seconds to a minute long, using concise language and making a solid ask at the finish.

Think about the following when you start to practice:

  • State your name and major or desired field.
  • Include your background/education, any relevant experience or ties to the industry.
  • Why are you interested in this type of work?
  • Don’t speak too fast, be calm and have a normal pace.
  • Include a specific communication preference (May I follow-up with you in an e-mail 📧? Phone call 📞? LinkedIn connection?)
  • Good handshake to end the interaction and move on…

Be sure you do the follow-up! If you say you are going to reach out, make it quick, 24-48 hours ⌚.  Introduce yourself again, and state your goal for the interaction.  There are so many more ideas the University Career Center Counselors can help with, be sure to stop by or get in touch with us.

By Lisa Vázquez Vigil
Lisa Vázquez Vigil Senior Career Consultant Lisa Vázquez Vigil