Holly Jolly Interview Preparation

✔ Yes, a company/organization called you for an interview! ✖Oh no, you aren’t quite ready! During this time of the year, you may have many more items on your plate 🍱, but with these interview preparation suggestions, you will be getting a job offer in no time.

  • Hopefully you did your research while preparing a resume and cover letter, so now is the time to look over those notes. Review the job posting and the company/organization website for details and connections you might mention during your question and answer session.
  • Looking the part is important, especially doing a run through with your professional 👔 outfit, hair, make-up, shoes etc . Get all the items together a few days early in case changes must be made.  No over the top jewelry  or perfume/cologne, keep it simple.
  • Mental preparation is just as important as well. Do a run through of your interview day: departure, arrival, parking, location, walking time, interview, follow up.
  • Bring a few up to date resumes with you, if changes occurred since you submitted your application, as well as to guide anyone in your interview who may not have a copy.
  • While the employer is asking the majority of the questions, there is usually time at the end allotted for you to ask a few of your own.  Feel free to ask about their vision for the position, goals and outcomes, the ideal fit for the position within their office.  Don’t ask about money or benefits, keep that for the job offer conversation.
  • Breathe. It’s easy to get wrapped 🎁 up in the busyness and anxiety of the holiday season, as well as preparing for an interview, but remember to breathe.  Pace yourself, smile, you’ve got this! 👍
By Lisa Vázquez Vigil
Lisa Vázquez Vigil Senior Career Consultant Lisa Vázquez Vigil