Internship Spotlight: Meet Erica!

Need a little peer to peer motivation?

The University Career Center is excited to introduce Erica Perez, a soon to be graduate with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Management Science and a minor in Statistics from the College of Business. Erica is a dedicated, hardworking, dynamic future professional who has had been a part of, and led in many areas of UTSA. She participated in the College of Business Immersion Program to Tokyo, Japan, is a member of the UTSA Distinguished Scholars Program, Held the Director of Finance position with UTSA Terry Scholar’s Student Organization, was Secretary for UTSA Business Scholars Program, participated in the 2018 UTSA Undergraduate Research Showcase, and held 3 internships the past two years through TEI Logistics, Coastal Life Technologies, and KIPP San Antonio Public Schools.

How has your time at UTSA been helpful in your career development?

My professors were an excellent resource for career guidance! Not only did they assist me directly, but they were even able to introduce me to those who worked directly within my desired line of profession.

How has working with the University Career Center helped you in securing your opportunity?

The University Career Center was able to critique and tailor my resume to each individual job application, and prepare for each interview. Not only that, but everyone was extremely supportive of me throughout the entire process. They helped me stay motivated.

What advice you can offer students on how they might be successful in securing opportunities?

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Every class is meant to prepare us for our careers – use your projects to build your portfolio. And always believe in yourself, you are more qualified than you think, so never be afraid to chase your dream job!

Erica will be graduating with honors, as cum laude on May 13th and has accepted a full-time Analytics position with USAA. We are so excited and honored to have worked with Erica toward this opportunity, we know she has great things in store and we wish her lots of success!

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By Mysti Frazier
Mysti Frazier Career Counselor Mysti Frazier