Military Veteran Internship Program-JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The JPMorgan Chase Military Veteran Internship Program was developed to support the transition of military
personnel and veterans into the financial services industry. Our internship program offers you real world
experience as you build your product and industry knowledge while cultivating connections across the company.

What You Will Gain: Through this 12-week program, you will utilize the invaluable skills from your military background – integrity,
creativity, determination, leadership, and teamwork – while learning about our products, services and
businesses. You’ll be guided by managers and mentors, who are committed to your success.

Internship experience: You will be working on real projects that support our business. You will be placed in one
of our lines of business across JPMorgan Chase, including our corporate functions. You will be part of a winning
team and design solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Training opportunities: You will attend orientation and on-going training and skills-building sessions that provide
you with deeper knowledge of our company and allow you to add value firm-wide. You’ll also work with a mentor
and buddy throughout the course of the program.

Career progression: You will be engaged in regular feedback sessions and check-ins with your managers. We
will provide you with networking opportunities to help you identify a full-time role within the company.
What We’re Looking For
We want future leaders.

Key skills: Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, an effective networker with strong communication
skills, and a collaborative partner who works well as part of a team
Valued qualities: Capable, results-orientated leader who works well under pressure; a motivated self-starter able
to assimilate into new environments

Basic eligibility criteria:
· BA/BS degree. Those who are joining the internship program directly from an undergraduate program
must meet the academic requirement of a 3.2 GPA for program entry level roles
· Demonstrated top performance throughout military career
· Proficiency in MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint
· Demonstrated interest in financial services and corporate workplace
· Aptitude to quickly grasp and perform quantitative and qualitative tasks
· Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills

Program timeline: Available internships: Available locations:
(Dates are subject to change)
Application deadline: Oct 27, 2017
Interview and selection: Oct 16 – Dec 22, 2017
Internship start date: March 12, 2018

Available Internships:
· Banking
· Sales, Trading & Research
· Finance/Audit
· Compliance
· Risk & Controls
· Operations
· Technology

Available Locations:
· New York & Brooklyn, NY
· Jersey City, NJ
· Newark & Wilmington, DE
· Columbus, OH
· Tampa, FL
· Chicago, IL
· Dallas & Houston, TX

How to Apply,-2018/
For questions, please email

By Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez Career Counselor-College of Business Profile Picture