Strategies For Finding An Internship In 2017

Students looking to get a jump on their careers will take on internships in fields that interest them and that decision, to be sure, is a wise one.

Young people, new to the workforce, often have to make up for their lack of actual job experience with enthusiasm. It’s a good strategy, and more effective when coupled with some strong resume-padding in the form of relevant hands-on work in an internship.

But how do you find one in a field that interests you? To find out which websites and search tips should be part of an internship search strategy, we checked in Lauren Berger, founder and head of, an online platform designed to help find internships. Berger, who gives regular talks to young people on the subject of finding work and has authored two books on the subject, had some sound advice to offer.

Here’s what she had to say…

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By Abreetta Bonner
Abreetta Bonner Career Counselor, University College Abreetta Bonner