Biology majors – Helpful tips for career development

Now is the time, while you are in college, to start building your knowledge and experience in your areas of interest.  Below is a list of highly relevant recommendations to help you build your level of knowledge, gain experience, and foster key professional relationships.

  1. Learn laboratory procedures and become familiar with lab equipment.
  2. Obtain summer, part-time, volunteer, co-op or internship experience to test the fields of interest and work experience.
  3. Participate in summer research institutes.  Submit research to local poster competitions or research symposiums.
  4. Develop strong analytical, computer, mathematics and communication skills.
  5. Join professional associations and community organizations to stay current on issues and develop networking relationships. Click here for UTSA College of Science Orgs.
  6. Read scientific journals related to your interests.
  7. Maintain a high GPA – this will improve your odds of acceptance to graduate level programs.
  8. Become familiar with specific entrance exams for graduates and professional schools.
  9. Build strong relationships with your professors and employers.
  10. Consider completing a post doctoral experience after graduate school.
  11. Learn federal state, and local government job application processes.  The federal government is the largest employer of Biologists.  Click here for federal opportunities for students and graduates.
  12. Gain experience with grant writing and fundraising techniques.

The key takeaway is to stay current on issues, participate in extracurricular activities, build your resume and have fun enriching your learning experience while you are in college.

By Tara Ryan
Tara Ryan Career Counselor, College of Sciences Tara Ryan