A few tips to help you prepare for the IT interview

A few tips on preparing for the IT interview

  • 1) Do your research on the company and on the interview process. Websites such as glassdoor and linkedin can give you an insight to a company’s specific hiring procedures.  If you know someone already working at the company then it’s time to get out there and network, network, network and find out what you need to prepare for the interview.
  • 2) Be prepared to practice timed coding.  There are several websites, Codility and HackerRank that you can use to practice before the big interview.  Additionally, the website Enki allows you to do complete daily practice to stay sharp with your skills.
  • 3) Learn algorithms, the big O notation and data structures.   Of course this is the math-based side of programming and although not used on a daily basis, you should be knowledgeable for your technical interview.
  • 4) Be able to demonstrate your Soft Skills.  Your future boss wants to feel confident that you can interact well with your peers and management, suppliers and clients.  Employers are increasingly more willing to invest in a new hire who is well-spoken and can be trained over an industry expert who does not communicate well.
  • 5) Listen and be flexible during the interview.  Employers want to see that you can accept their advice and direction and have the ability to adapt to and consider different points of view.  

Interviews are not meant to be an uncomfortable, nerve-wracking experience.  It’s natural to be nervous, but remember that the interviewers are taking the time to meet with you which means they are interested in you and want you to succeed as much as you do.  Be positive and engaged so the interviewer gets to know who you are and how you will fit into the culture of the company.



By Tara Ryan
Tara Ryan Career Counselor, College of Sciences Tara Ryan