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Financial Analyst

Financial analyst analyze the current financial status of an organization or individual. This is accomplished by collecting, studying, and monitoring financial data, as well as recommending certain process changes and actions to improve the financial state.

Daily job duties require financial analysts to:

  • Compare results to plans, goals, and forecasts
  • Increase productivity and financial success
  • Reconcile financial transactions and maintain a database of changes
  • Establish or update policies used to handle finances.

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Financial Analyst



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These cities have the highest paying median for Financial Analyst

New York, NY


Boston, MA


Washington, DC


Houston, TX


Los Angeles, CA


Charlotte, NC


Dallas, TX


Chicago, IL


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 Insider Tips

A financial analyst earns a typical salary of $85,000 per year. Required education is a bachelor’s degree, although some positions require a master’s degree. Those who hold higher degrees can often qualify for more income, as can those who maintain technical knowledge through participation in educational workshops and regular review of industry publications.


By Veronica Rodriguez
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