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Accountants prepare financial records and ensure their accuracy. They also take responsibility for calculating taxes properly and paying them in a timely manner. Accountants may specialize in public, corporate, or forensic accounting.

A typical day in the life of an accountant might include:

  • Assessing financial statements for accuracy and ensuring that they follow local, federal, or international regulations.
  • Examining an individual’s or a company’s accounting system to ensure efficiency and adherence to standard accounting practices.
  • Preparing reports explaining findings and meeting with upper management to discuss assessments or suggest new accounting methods..

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These cities have the highest paying median for Accountant

New York, NY


Houston, TX


Boston, MA


Dallas, TX


Denver, CO


Los Angeles, CA


Atlanta, GA


Chicago, IL


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Insider Tips

While the average salary for accountants is $68,000 per year, entry-level jobs can pay as little as $41,000 per year. In contrast, accountants at the peak of their career can expect to make $119,000 or more per year.



By Veronica Rodriguez
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