Reporting Job Placement Information to the University Career Center

Once you land your post-graduation job, the UTSA Career Center needs to report information regarding what company hired you, the job title, start date, location, and annual salary. This data is submitted as part of our annual report and ultimately used to appeal to students and parents who are looking for a good return on their investment. This data is also disseminated for use in national employment surveys. Note that this information is filtered anonymously through Handshake thus your privacy is protected. The steps to complete this process are simple: Step 1: Under your account go to the “Experiences” section located in the left hand column. Step 2: Click on the “Report an Experience” tab on the top far right. Step 3: Fill out the applicable sections. (You can skip the bottom section seeking HR information). Step 4: Hit the “Create Experience” button at the bottom right.

By Bennett Grey
Bennett Grey Career Counselor-Alumni Bennett Grey