Involvement- Your Future Depends on It!

“Student organizations can be an important part of your growth during your college career. Not only do they provide the resources needed to succeed in the world, they can give you some of the best people you’ve ever met, building friendships that last a lifetime. Student organizations can you give you access to opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Being involved can be important to your attitude toward college and either make or break your stay.

Student organizations help strengthen leadership skills. According to an article released by Sam Houston State University, on-campus organizations allow students to “take on responsibilities or challenges to lead and make a difference in the university community” and “provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a good leader”—qualities they can take with them into life after college. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by the University of Arizona, more than half the students surveyed agreed that joining student organizations allowed them to strengthen their leadership skills. Being a leader can be scary, but what better way to learn than to be surrounded by people who are supporting your goals?

Joining an organization is one of the best ways to build a bigger network. One of the most important things in college is networking with people who share similar interests, because it gives you the chance to explore possible career opportunities and learn what it takes to reach your goals. Not only can you be exposed to real-world activities, but you can learn from former students as they return to help guide you in the right direction. Student organizations give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons, learning new skills and meeting people who can further your success as you transition from college to the real world.”

Excerpt from Daren Colbert, College Student, “The Importance of Joining Student Organization in College”. College Xpress, January 26, 2016 website article-

We would also add that it impacts your development of clear, professional and essential communication skills! Good communicators, both in written and verbal means, are highly valued in all industries. One of the biggest hurdles new graduates have in the world of work is professional communication, especially in written correspondence like emails. Student and professional organization involvement strengthen these skills to help you perform better and adjust easier to new work experiences.

Additionally, team work experience is a global competency skill that all industries seek. It helps foster unity, provides support to others, promotes structures, it creates achievement and camaraderie for workplace motivation, and on and on.

For more information on how to get involved please use the following resource links, connect with other students, professors, advisors, the Student Activities office or your University Career Center.

Student Organizations– Over 370 student led, student run organizations on campus. Each uniquely ranging from personal hobby interests, Greek life, community service, to professional/ career and more!


Professional  Organizations Networking, continuing education, mentors, scholarships galore! All of these things and more are available to students who participate in their industries professional organizations. There are so many to choose from and opportunities to connect with others and grow more skills is worth your time and efforts.

Visit:, select your major/ major of interest, scroll to the bottom of the page for a listing of professional organizations in your industry area.

By Mysti Frazier
Mysti Frazier Career Counselor