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Still exploring which career path is the best for you?
Want to strengthen your networking & interviewing skills?

UCS 2033: Personal Career Planning (formerly COU 2103) is JUST FOR YOU! This 3 credit hour elective course will provide you with opportunities to take advantage of numerous services that the University Career Center offers. Taught by Career Counselors, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to improve interviewing skills
  • How to create a resume
  • How to conduct major/career research
  • What employers are looking for in potential candidates
  • What is professional business etiquette

Here are what students are saying:

  • LOVED THIS CLASS!! I would definitely recommend others to take this class.
  • Overall the course is enjoyable and gives great insight into how to prepare yourself for upcoming careers after college.
  • This course should be a requirement for anyone not pursuing a linear degree. It’s been an enlightening experience and I’ve learned a lot about different resources that I can use to obtain an entry-level position.
  • The whole point of this class was designed to help you and I think it’s about as personal as it gets. 
  • I really loved the mock interviews; it gave me confidence and taught me a lot on how to answer questions.
  • This course helped me so much this semester. I received an internship because this class gave me all the proper steps to fulfill my internship position. 
  • This course should be a course recommended to undeclared students during their freshman and sophomore years.
  • The lessons on interviewing and values really helped me to see how I was as a person and how I can do so many things with my degree.
  • This is truly a helpful class to prepare you for the real world. 
  • This class has been the most rewarding. As far as self-growth, my professor, and the class has taught me numerous ways to market myself and be better prepared for the “outside, real world” job market. Much of the experience I gained and activities we did I will definitely be carrying on throughout my career both as a student and in my career field.
  • They should make this a required course for all students as the mock interviews, resume building, and networking assignments are benefitting to everyone.

UCS 2033. Personal Career Planning. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.
This course provides knowledge of career development theories and decision-making models, current national and state-specific labor market trends, and provides career and occupational resources. Course includes opportunities for self-assessment and career assessment results, including interest, personality, values clarification inventories and skills identification as they relate to occupational choices. This course equips students with skills that help them make positive career decisions throughout their education at UTSA and their career trajectory. (Formerly COU 2103. Credit cannot be earned for both UCS 2033 and COU 2103).

Three sections available:
Sec 001 CRN 21514  TR    4:00pm-5:15pm     K. Ivy
Sec 002 CRN 21516  TR  11:30am-12:45pm   H. Sawyer
Sec 003 CRN 21517  MW  2:30pm- 3:45pm     D. Davila

By Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer Associate Director of Career Development and College Relations Heidi Sawyer