Tips for Finding a Summer Internship


A career-related summer internship can help you gain valuable skills and experience which will give you a competitive advantage in today’s job market.   Most employers prefer to hire college graduates that possess related work experience.  The good news is that many employers are seeking to employ college students during the summer months.  An internship is a great opportunity for you to “try out” an employer and can often lead to full-time employment after graduation.

Tips for finding an internship –

  1. Start early.  Finding a job or internship takes effort.  Be willing to spend the time to find a good fit for your interests.
  2. Identify potential employers.  What companies offer internships in your field of choice?
  3. Ask your professors.  Professors often have the insight and social connections to point you in the right direction for a networking opportunity.

Below are a few resources to assist with your search:

UTSA Handshake

Texas Internship Challenge

Company websites.  Go directly to the desired employer and check out their career pages and job postings.

Tips for getting ready to apply and interview for an internship

  1. Make an appointment with your UTSA Career Counselor through your Handshake account.  Your Career Counselor will assist you through every step of this process.
  2. Develop a Resume and Cover Letter.
  3. Prepare for interviews.  Interviews may be by phone, Skype or in-person.  It is essential to be prepared for interview questions.
  4. Dress well.  Visit UTSA’s Career Center “Career Closet” to borrow appropriate interview attire.
  5. Follow up.  Always follow up with the interviewers after an interview with a thank you letter or email to express your appreciation and reconfirm your interest in the position.




By Tara Ryan
Tara Ryan Career Counselor, College of Sciences Tara Ryan